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Pediatric Surgery

Paediatric surgery deals with comprehensive surgical care of children, from newborns to 18 years old. At JAin Surgical Hospital, we recognize this special need of children and their anxious parents. All the facilities to take care of children are available under one roof.

Services provided

  1. The pediatrics department provides round-the-clock care. The various subspecialties covered include 
    a) Paediatric urology 
    b) Gastrointestinal surgery
    c) Thoracic surgery
    d) Reconstructive surgery
    e) Paediatric orthopedics
    f) Neurosurgery 
    g) Neonatal surgery,
  2. Well equipped neonatal and paediatric intensive care units.
  3. Operation theatre with neonatal and paediatric cystoscopes, bronchoscopes, and laparoscope and all other necessary equipment


  1. Neonatal and Paediatric urology
    • Posterior urethral valves,
    • Pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction
    • Vesico-ureteric reflux
    • Uretroceles and Neurogenic bladder
    • Wills Tumor
    • With the availability of smallest size neonatal cystoscope, it is feasible to do fulguration of valves even in 1.5 kg babies.
  2. Neonatal neurosurgery
    • Meningomyeloceles
    • Hydrocephalus
  3. Neonatal and Paediatric gastrointestinal surgery
    • Biliary Artesia
    • Esophageal Artesia
    • Choledochal cyst
    • Duplication cyst
    • Hirschsprungâ disease
    • Ano rectal malformations
    • Bronchogenic cysts
    • Mediastinal cyst
    • Gastric pull up (Esophageal substitution)
  4. Minimal Invasive Surgery
    • Laparoscopic GI surgery
    • Laparoscopic uretric re-implantation
    • Laparoscopic pyeloplasty
    • Thoracoscopic decortications
    • Thoracoscopic lobectomy
    • Thoracoscopic thymectomy (thymoma)
    • Bronchoscopy
  5. Paediatric Thoracic Surgery
    • Empyema
    • Mediastinal cyst
    • Duplication cyst
    • Lobar emphysema
    • Gastric pull up (Esophageal substitution)


  1. Laparoscopic surgery in smallest boy 1.5 months for intra-abdominal dermoid cyst.
  2. Large hepatic enphalocele repair single stage in a 7 year old child
  3. Minimal invasive surgery for large lipoma excision back- STEALTH surgery (subcutaneous endoscopic excision of lipoma)

Thoracoscopic removal of impacted battery in esophagus.