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Urology Surgery

The department of Urology at Jain Surgical Hospital has a complete range of facilities to provide comprehensive services in the management. Urological conditions are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical and surgical care in all aspects of adult and pediatric urology.
Services provided

The department of Urology provides screening, staging and the most up-to-date treatment of all uro-genital tumors including kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and prostate.


  1. Endoscopic surgeries including TURP, TURBT, TUIP, OIU and Panendoscopy
  2. Endourology procedures like URS, PCNL, PCN, Endopyelotomies ,DJ Stenting and Antegrade PCNL.
  3. Open urological surgeries for kidney, bladder, testes and prostate
  4. Paediatric urology
  5. Laparoscopic urological surgeries including radical nephrectomy, adrenalectomy, undescended testes, varicocele.


Our urological surgeons and physicians offer uniquely comprehensive range of innovative care for all urological disorders.